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Sports Injury Center in Aurangabad

The Sports Injury Center in Aurangabad of Dr. Abhishek Shinde is the most influential resource for quality health care, complete recovery, and injuries to sports and orthopedics. We are home to a team of specialist sports & orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, sports nutritionists, dieticians, who provide our active patients with a personalized patient-centered recovery plan by pursuing a multidisciplinary strategy to get them back to their active lives.

In our facility, along with our rehabilitation team, we treat athletes and non-athletes of all ages with top-of-the-line care that helps patients develop strength, improve balance, become more versatile, and increase their stamina.

Sports Injury Center in Aurangabad

In order to make them feel better and provide quick recovery from injury, the unit is well equipped with advanced technologies to perform the least invasive yet highly successful treatments for both elite athletes as well as weekend warriors. In addition, we adopt prevention strategies to ensure that our patients return to a 100% success level as soon as possible.

What is a Sports Injury?

A sports injury is a form of injury that happens when a person is involved in some sort of sports activity or during exercise. Due to several factors, such as overtraining, failure to warm up, lack of fitness, and inappropriate form or technique, a sports injury may occur that can lead to injuries such as


Acute Injuries such as:

-Muscle tears

-Ankle Sprain


-Knee injuries like ligament tears or cartilage injuries

-Rotator cuff injury


-Tendon Ruptures


Or Chronic Injuries like:

-IT Band syndrome

-Hamstring Strains

-Runner’s Knee

-Tennis Elbow

What are the indications for seeing a doctor in Sports Medicine?

In youth and adulthood, sports injuries are normal. There are different variables that mean that the need for proper care for sports injury is as follows:

-Fractures in the bone

-Ligament Injuries of the Knee or ankle (Sprain/ Strain)

-Consistent pain in the affected area not improving with PRICE

-Not able to move the injured part or put weight on the injured area, etc

What are the different care options available for Sports Injury Management?

Some of the general treatment methods which are useful for sports injury management include:

Therapy of PRICE

For minor injuries including sprains and strains, it is one of the best care choices. For three or four days, it can be started at home to get relief from the mild injury.


The word PRICE stands for


  • The protection- The procedure helps to protect the affected area from future damage.
  • Rest- Rest; avoid exercise or any other physical activity that puts pressure on the injury point;
  • Ice-Apply ice pack for around 15 to 20 minutes every two to three hours in the affected area.
  • Compression-Try elastic compression bandages to restrict swelling.
  • Elevation: To decrease swelling, keep the injured body part elevated above the level of the heart.



To ease the pain, a patient can take pain relief medicines or painkillers. Paracetamol, ibuprofen, and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may be used (NSAIDs). To relieve pain and decrease any swelling, a patient can also apply ointments to the affected area.

Corticosteroid Injections

In the event of severe or persistent inflammation, a corticosteroid injection is recommended. This helps to relieve the pain caused by the injury. The pain relief is for a short duration. A corticosteroid injection may be repeated with two or three injections per year if necessary.

Arthroscopy Surgery

In any sports injury, surgery is usually performed when all non-operative treatment options do not work. For the patient’s injury, the doctor suggests the patient and his family about the possible treatment, and they must make a final decision on the same.

Depending on the severity of the injury, the surgical procedures provided by our team of specialists To perform surgery, we follow a minimally invasive approach that requires a smaller incision and speeds up the recovery time and has many advantages over traditional surgery.


It is recommended as a specialist treatment for patients suffering from a long-term injury. Massage, manipulation, and exercises are included to strengthen the muscles around the area, increase the range of motion and allow the damaged area to return to normal function.

At our Sports Injury Unit, a physiotherapist will develop an exercise regimen to help patients improve the injured part of the body and reduce the risk of repeated injury.

What are the benefits of injury management in sports?

-The benefits of care for sports injuries include:

-In most injuries, the sportsman will return to his/her sports.

-Surgery helps protect the cartilage from potential injury.

-Surgery has a high potential for the joint to operate normally.