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Robotic Knee Replacement Surgeon in Aurangabad

The knee could be a industrious joint whereas you are walking, crouching, or perhaps standing still, your knee depends on a well-tuned system of bones, ligaments, cartilage, muscles, and nerves. If AN injury, arthritis, or another condition affects any of the elements of your knee, you’ll would like a knee replacement surgery. exactness is important in these procedures. Dr. Abhishek Shinde is leading robotic knee replacement surgeon in Aurangabad. The additional precise a surgeon’s measure tools, the higher they will arrange and perform your surgery.


Dr. Abhishek Shinde’s Robotic Knee Replacement Technology assists our surgeons in extremely precise partial or total knee replacement surgeries. These innovative technologies take under consideration every person’s distinctive anatomy for the most effective potential outcomes. Our vision is provide patient an accurate assessment and evaluation coupled with immediate recovery.



1. Is knee replacement procedure safe?

  • Yes, the knee replacement procedure is totally safe and might be thought of united of the foremost common surgeries now-a-days. it’s suggested in severe cases of inflammatory disease to cut back pain and have higher quality life or a lively way. The doctor recommends it only if all different medical aid choices like medications, walking support etc.


2. Is robotic surgery better than conventional manual knee replacement surgery?

  • When compared to standard manual knee replacement surgeries, robotic knee replacement possesses a great deal of benefits in terms of higher implant positioning, precise surgical bone cuts, least human intervention, quicker recovery and least hospital keep. Considering its minimally invasive nature, it causes lesser tissue trauma and therefore less blood loss and quicker recovery.


3. Why Dr. Abhishek Shinde’s robotic knee replacement surgery?

  • Dr. Abhishek Shinde is one among the Leading Knee Replacement Surgeons active in Aurangabad, self-praise of many fellowships and experiences garnered internationally furthermore as in India.  For Dr. Abhishek Shinde is leading robotic knee replacement surgeon in Aurangabad you can contact us for the best robotic knee replacement surgery here.



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