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Robotic Joint replacement Surgeon in Aurangabad

Robotic joint replacement surgery has reworked the approach to perform knee and hip replacements. orthopedic Surgery & medical specialty, we’ve got additional expertise with robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery than anyone within the region. Dr. Abhishek Shinde is one of the pioneers in robotic joint replacement surgeon in Aurangabad, assisting many patients with their joint pain and arthritis problems .


We pride ourselves on offering the most advanced technology and highest quality robotic joint replacement as we are dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible care. Many people find it a lot easier to recover from this surgery than from a standard elbow or hip replacement.


This innovative technology permits our suppliers to perform a additional customized surgery with bigger exactitude than ever before. Over a decade of experience having helped thousands of patients overcome their pain and restore their mobility through this innovative technology. He has performed several of these surgeries and has gained a lot of experience in the field.


Advantages of Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery:

Robot doesn’t perform your surgery. Instead, your doctor uses the mechanism to arrange and execute the procedure. Your doctor is on top of things throughout the procedure, however the mechanism permits for a lot of accuracy than ancient surgical techniques. If you need robotic joint replacement surgeon in Aurangabad then Dr. Abhishek Shinde’s treatment is the right choice.

1. Lower Long-Term Costs

Patients get robotic knee replacement surgery tend to possess fewer complications, which suggests fewer come visits to the hospital. you’ll even have a faster recovery time, which means you’ll come back to to your job and earning cash quicker. Also, minimally invasive surgery ends up in fewer infections and alternative risks that may send a patient back to the hospital.

2.Better Patient Outcomes

Studies have shown that patients receiving robotic knee surgery expertise fewer readmissions to the hospital. They additionally need less rehabilitation than patients endure ancient knee replacement surgery. Robotic arms will free surgical areas of morbid bone tissue a lot of effectively, too, rising the recovery rate of patients.

3.Higher Patient Satisfaction

Patients will come back to their daily activities quicker, that interprets to higher patient satisfaction with their health care services. Robotic knee surgery needs less period for the patient, that are some things they’ll appreciate.


Robotic Joints Replacement Surgery


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